The Full Experimental Characterization of a Battery Cell

The full experimental characterization of a battery cell.

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In bat­tery sys­tem devel­op­ment it is cru­cial that you real­ly know the cells that you work with. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, it is often unclear how cells per­form under all oper­a­tional con­di­tions. Mea­sure­ment data have unknown exper­i­men­tal con­di­tions, are not com­pa­ra­ble or are mis­lead­ing and incom­plete. This is when Bate­mo Cell Data is the right choice. Instead of sam­pling cells and per­form­ing mea­sure­ments which is labor-inten­sive and takes long, you get the fin­ished exper­i­men­tal results – includ­ing the visu­al­iza­tion and analy­sis tool Bate­mo Cell View­er. You can get Bate­mo Cell Data for all cells of the Bate­mo Cell Library.
  • extensive

    You can check the Bate­mo Cell Data sec­tion on the cell web­sites of the Bate­mo Cell Library to pre­cise­ly see which data is avail­able for a cer­tain cell.
    • get mea­sure­ment data of the total oper­a­tion area of a bat­tery cell 
      • SOC Range: 0% to 100%
      • Volt­age Range: from min­i­mal to max­i­mal voltage
      • Cur­rent Range: up max­i­mal cur­rents in charg­ing and dis­charg­ing direction
      • Tem­per­a­ture Range: from min­i­mal to max­i­mal temperature
    • con­tains dif­fer­ent exci­ta­tions – con­stant cur­rents, pulsed cur­rents and pow­er profiles 
    • com­pre­hen­sive doc­u­men­ta­tion included 
  • fast

    • no wait­ing time: order today – get it tomorrow 
  • comparable

    • iden­ti­cal exper­i­men­tal ini­tial and bound­ary con­di­tions for all cells mak­ing data of dif­fer­ent cells comparable 
    • stan­dard­ized, iden­ti­cal data struc­ture for all cells 
  • easy analysis

    Bate­mo Cell View­er includ­ed with the data – free of charge
    • straight-for­ward data visu­al­iza­tion and analysis 
    • eas­i­ly com­pare data of up to four cells 
    • Bate­mo Cell val­i­da­tion mode to com­pare mea­sure­ment and sim­u­la­tion results in detail 
    • export data to CSV or TXT 


The Bate­mo Cell View­er is includ­ed in every Bate­mo Cell Data deliv­ery. It is an intu­itive tool that helps you to visu­al­ize, ana­lyze and com­pare Bate­mo Cell Data.

You can draw the inter­est­ing graphs that show what is need­ed: Either the raw data of the mea­sured cur­rent, volt­age and  tem­per­a­tures or cal­cu­lat­ed char­ac­ter­is­tic curves for a bet­ter overview. It is eas­i­ly pos­si­ble to com­pare Bate­mo Cell Data of dif­fer­ent cells. More­over, you can val­i­date Bate­mo Cells by com­par­ing mea­sure­ment and sim­u­la­tion data in detail. All graphs are inter­ac­tive – you can move every­thing around, turn the axis or zoom in and out.

Of course it is pos­si­ble to export Bate­mo Cell Data to com­mon for­mats (MAT, TXT, CSV) so that you can also import the data in oth­er tools you want to work with.


Hav­ing a smart cell strat­e­gy is a key task of bat­tery sys­tem devel­op­ment. This includes a deep under­stand­ing of the per­for­mance of rel­e­vant cells and the iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of first and sec­ond source cell sup­pli­ers. The Bate­mo Cell Data is your tool to put that on a pro­found tech­ni­cal basis.



Do not loose time but get an exten­sive exper­i­men­tal char­ac­ter­i­za­tion with­in days. 

identify your
best cell

Eas­i­ly com­pare the per­for­mance of dif­fer­ent bat­tery cells in the whole oper­a­tional area. 

make it

Get­ting an under­stand­ing of the exten­sive exper­i­men­tal data of a cell is dif­fi­cult. Use the Bate­mo Cell View­er to visu­al­ize every­thing mak­ing your cell strat­e­gy deci­sions comprehensive.

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