What kind of Batemo Cells licenses are available?

For the Bate­mo Cells soft­ware and the add-ons dif­fer­ent license types are available. 

  • Named User: The license enti­tles one named user to sim­u­late the Bate­mo Cells with one nat­ur­al per­son being assigned to the named user.
  • Des­ig­nat­ed Com­put­er: The license enti­tles to sim­u­late the Bate­mo Cells on a sin­gle reg­is­tered com­put­er. You must ensure that the Bate­mo Cells only run on the des­ig­nat­ed com­put­er and that only one nat­ur­al per­son has access to the des­ig­nat­ed com­put­er at any time.
  • Con­cur­rent: The Bate­mo Cells can be sim­u­lat­ed by all your employ­ees. The num­ber of con­cur­rent users may not exceed the num­ber of con­cur­rent licenses.

The licens­es can either be pur­chased or rent­ed. Choose what­ev­er best suits your needs.