The certified time check of my license does not work. How can I fix that?

A fail­ure to update the cer­ti­fied time or the license is in most cas­es due to the inabil­i­ty to estab­lish the con­nec­tion to the time serv­er. Many com­pa­ny net­works use proxy servers, which must be con­fig­ured for CodeMe­ter. If you want to know whether a proxy is used on your net­work and which set­tings are required, please ask your administrator.

Alter­na­tive­ly, you may also try and read the set­tings of your inter­net brows­er and enter the data in CodeMe­ter WebAd­min. For Inter­net Explor­er, please pro­ceed as follows:

Open the menu “Tools | Inter­net Options | Con­nec­tions | LAN Set­tings | Proxy serv­er | Advanced. Note down the spec­i­fied proxy includ­ing port, e.g. “” and “3128” or “” and “8080”. Then do the following:

  • Open CodeMe­ter WebAdmin.
  • Nav­i­gate to “Con­fig­u­ra­tion | Proxy”.
  • Select the option “acti­vat­ed”.
  • Com­plete the fields with the val­ues you record­ed before.
  • Click the “Apply” but­ton to exe­cute the changes.

Now the time and firmware update should work.