The Batemo Cell outports pe or ac do not output any data. What is the problem?

The two out­ports belong to the add-ons Pow­er & Ener­gy (pe) and Anode & Cath­ode (ac). To out­put the data of the add-ons make sure that you acquired the add-ons. There­fore, open the Bate­mo Cell block mask. If the respec­tive add-on tab is greyed out in the mask, you did not acquire the add-on and can­not out­put the add-on data. Con­tact Bate­mo sup­port to eas­i­ly acquire the add-on.

If the add-on tabs are not greyed out, ensure that you enabled the add-ons by acti­vat­ing the respec­tive check­box in the Bate­mo Cell block mask. Then, the cor­re­spond­ing out­port should out­put the add-on data. If the prob­lem per­sists, please con­tact Bate­mo support.