How fast do Batemo Cells usually simulate?

The sim­u­la­tion speed depends on the used hard­ware and the solver obvi­ous­ly. The sim­u­la­tion of a Bate­mo Cell in MATLAB Simulink R2016b with a fixed-step solver at a step size of 100ms is about 100x faster than real time on a nor­mal office note­book (Leno­vo ThinkPad L460). In prac­tice, this means that typ­i­cal sim­u­la­tions just take a cou­ple of seconds.

When a pow­er­ful work­sta­tion sim­u­lates the Bate­mo Cell, the sim­u­la­tions are typ­i­cal­ly 200x to 300x faster than real time.