How does Batemo demonstrate the validity of a Batemo Cell?

All Bate­mo Cells are val­i­dat­ed using to a spe­cif­ic scheme to ensure that the sim­u­la­tion results are cor­rect. Two aspects are essen­tial in this process.

  • The Bate­mo Cell val­i­da­tion is trans­par­ent: Each Bate­mo Cell con­tains a large set with raw mea­sure­ment data that is cre­at­ed in the Bate­mo bat­tery lab­o­ra­to­ry. For each sam­pling point the mea­sure­ment and sim­u­la­tion result is com­pared and the volt­age, tem­per­a­ture, ener­gy and pow­er accu­ra­cy are cal­cu­lat­ed. Sum­ma­ry graphs make the analy­sis of the data straight-for­ward. This is how we demon­strate that the Bate­mo Cell meets your requirements.
  • The Bate­mo Cell val­i­da­tion is exten­sive: The val­i­da­tion is car­ried out in the entire oper­at­ing range as defined by the cell man­u­fac­tur­er. This includes the entire tem­per­a­ture range (typ­i­cal­ly from ‑20°C to 80°C), the entire cur­rent range (typ­i­cal dis­charge cur­rents from 0.1C to 50C) and the entire state of charge range (0% to 100%). We always use dif­fer­ent exci­ta­tion sig­nals includ­ing high­ly dynam­ic pow­er profiles.