How can I quickly exchange Batemo Cells in my simulation models?

Con­sid­er using the Con­fig­u­ra­tional Sub­sys­tem block that is in the Simulink Library Brows­er under SimulinkPorts & Sub­sys­tems. Cre­ate a new Simulink library file and insert the Bate­mo Cells you want to exchange by drag & drop from the Simulink Library brows­er. Then insert the Con­fig­u­ra­tional Sub­sys­tem and dou­ble-click it. You can choose which Bate­mo Cells should be mem­bers of the con­fig­u­ra­tional sub­sys­tem that can lat­er be select­ed. Click OK and save your library file. Insert the con­fig­u­ra­tional sub­sys­tem by drag & drop in your sim­u­la­tion mod­el. When you right-click the con­fig­u­ra­tional sub­sys­tem and select Block Choice you can change the block to be any of its mem­bers by one click. This can also be auto­mat­ed by the fol­low­ing line of MATLAB code: set_param(‘YourModel/YourConfigurationalSubsystem’,’BlockChoice’,’YourMember’);