How can I automate simulations?

Sim­u­la­tions can be auto­mat­ed by a sim­u­la­tion script. A typ­i­cal appli­ca­tion is to change bound­ary con­di­tions or Bate­mo Cell para­me­ters and per­form and eval­u­ate a set of sim­u­la­tions. Use the From Work­space, the From File or the From Spread­sheet block from the Simulink library brows­er under Simulink / Sources to dynam­i­cal­ly change bound­ary con­di­tions using a script. 

Adjust your bound­ary con­di­tions and Bate­mo Cell para­me­ters with­in a for-loop and use the com­mand sim('YourModel') to start the sim­u­la­tion. The sim­u­la­tion results are saved with the To File or the To Work­space blocks from the Simulink library brows­er under Simulink / Sinks.